Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pride Parade

An email to my friend: 

Aw! I love it! Thanks for the shout-out! I thought of you so much while we were there, B--it was amazing! I was NOT expecting that kind of reception. I thought we might get booed or something, but it was totally the opposite. 

Our train ride took forever so we were late and I couldn't find the group. I was so upset and was determined to march, but if you didn't start with your group from the beginning you couldn't get in because it was all barricaded off. So we jumped in with a "LGBT for Obama" group (I like Obama :)  We walked for about two blocks but it just felt wrong—I wanted to march with the Mormons! So we veered off to the side, hoping they were behind us and not in front of us. One of the organizers helped us with the schedule and said the Mormons were 30 floats behind us. Whew! So we sat and watched the parade for the next while until our group arrived and we jumped in. I'm so glad we got to walk with another group and watch before joining. Immediately I was shocked at the stark contrast between walking with the Obama group and walking with the Mormons. The crowd was crazy for us. People were screaming and cheering and yelling "THANK YOU!" over and over again. I saw a few people start crying. People were REALLY touched. None of the other contingents got a reception that loud except for the intensely frenetic two story Brazilian carnival entourage :)  My girls kept asking why they were cheering for us the loudest. There were stretches where it was like a wave at a football game as we walked past. I cried a few times, I was so moved. I felt so forgiven. It was such a mutual embrace. 

Afterward Will, Carol Lynn, and four others went to lunch and talked. Such beautiful people. I'm so glad I met them and was part of it. It really was such a spiritual experience for me, too. 

Thanks for hooking me up with these wonderful people! We all mentioned you with much love and adoration!


We ran into some of our other friends, Rebecca and Derek after the parade.

And Emily and Mark--they're engaged!

Cambria's Display in the Mtn. View Library

Cambria's art was chosen to represent her grade in the art show at the Mountain View Library. She's such a talented and creative artist.